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| Answers to some frequently asked questions about the AT&T UNIX PC, |
|     as well as some frequent problems, hints, and solutions.	     |
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Table of Contents:
	 1.0.  General
	 1.1.  What exactly are the AT&T UNIX PC, PC7300, and 3B1?
	 1.2.  What is the operating system?  Its origins?
	 1.3.  What are the "OSU Archives"?
	 1.4.  Who supports these machines?  Are there any user groups?
	 1.5.  Where can I get my machine serviced or fixed?
	 2.0.  Software
	 2.1.  How do I get my free Personal Calendar program?
	 2.2.  What is "THE STORE!" and how can I access it?
	 2.3.  Is there any GNU software available?
	 2.4.  Is the X Window system available for the UNIX PC?
	 2.5.  What's MGR?
	 2.6.  How can I get a full 360kB when I format a MS-DOS floppy
	       on the UNIX PC?
	 2.7.  Are there any other utilities for fiddling with MS-DOS 
	 2.8.  What commercial software was available for the UNIX PC?
	 3.0.  Software Development
	 3.1.  Can I use the GNU C compiler in place of the hard-to-find
	       development set?
	 3.2.  What do I with old object-file archives?
	 4.0.  Administration
	 4.1.  How do I restore from a backup when one of the floppies 
	       is bad?
	 4.2.  How can I make a floppy-disk-based UNIX for fsck'ing the 
               hard drive?
	 4.3.  How can I get the machine to ask the device and program to
               boot from?
	 4.4.  How do I get multiple login windows? 
	 4.5.  What the heck is a +IN suffix on a file?
	 4.6.  What do the HDERR (FDERR, or TPERR) messages in 
               /usr/adm/unix.log mean?
	 4.7.  Why are the header files missing after an install of the
               Development Set?
	 4.8.  Why is the machine is booting over and over?
	 4.9.  Is HoneyDanBer UUCP available to replace the stock uucp 
	 4.10. Why doesn't the On-Board Modem (OBM) work with some other 
	 4.11. How do I get my on-board modem to be a dial-out-only modem?
	 4.12. Does the on-board modem support 2400 bps?
	 4.13. Why aren't the lpadmin, accept, and reject commands working
	 4.14. Why are all the jobs on the printer always followed by a
	 4.15. Why can't I send bitmapped images to the printer correctly?
	 4.16. How do I configure a Hayes compatible external modem on the
               UNIX PC?
	 4.17. Any tips on building Cnews?
	 4.18. What are lipc and nipc, and how can I use nipc instead of 
	 5.0.  Upgrading
	 5.1.  What third-party hardware is available?
	 5.2.  Can I put a 68881 math coprocessor in my machine?
	 5.3.  Can I really get 4MB of memory, even with a 1.5MB combo 
               card, 512K RAM card, and 2MB of RAM on the motherboard?
	 5.4.  What dynamic memory chips can be used to upgrade a
	 5.4.  Can I hook up a 3.5" 720K floppy drive to my UNIX PC?  How 
               about a 1.2MB or 1.44MB floppy drive?   Can I run both the 
               3.5" drive and the 5.25" drive on my machine somehow?
	 5.5.  Can I put a larger hard disk drive in the UNIX PC?
	 6.0.  Maintenance
	 6.1.  How do I park the hard disk heads before moving the machine?
	 6.2.  How do I open the case and get to the motherboard?
	 6.3.  Why does my fan sometimes speed up and slow down?  Should I
               replace it?
         6.4.  Why has my clock stopped?
	 7.0.  Failures
	 7.1.  What can I do when I turn on my UNIX PC and all I see is
               a "green screen"?
	 7.2.  What can I do when I turn on my UNIX PC and I have no 
	 7.3.  What can I do when I get lots of FDERRs when
               writing/formatting a floppy?
	 7.4.  Why does rn fail with "Can't open /dev/tty" from the
               built-in modem?
	 7.5.  Can I connect my Starlan board to an Ethernet?
	 7.6.  Can I run SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) on my UNIX 
	 7.7.  What are the consequences of "fsck -s" (salvaging the 
	 7.8.  What does the "-s" option to dismount do?
	 7.9.  How do I identify what motherboard revision I have?
	 7.10. How can the monitor fail?
	 8.0.  Mysteries
	 8.1.  What are the LED's left side of the machine for?
	 8.2.  What's /etc/update?  What does it do? 
	 8.3.  Why did the time display at the top of the screen go away?
	 8.4.  How do I stop that darn double-ESC mode on console windows?
	 8.5.  What do I do when the machine hangs at the boot message?
	 8.6.  How can the UNIX PC be made more secure?
	 8.7.  How do I access the expert menus in the diagnostics?
	 9.0.  Credits