Company News and Comments

OpenWorld's Sprint Internet capacity increased, with the addition of a dedicated DS3. Sprint, AT&T, Cable & Wireless and others gives OpenWorld the most diversity in Central Kentucky.
OpenWorld's statewide Cisco ATM backbone enables data, voice, video, and private line T1 switching state wide. This enables statewide ADSL service (in Verizon and BellSouth markets including Nashville), statewide private line T1 circuits over our ATM backbone, and statewide connections of two ADSL circuits for VPN data (without expensive hardware).
Verizon has completed an OC3 order for OpenWorld. This provides enough capacity to exchange ATM, Frame-Relay, and private line traffic with Verizon for our customers.
Genuity was chosen to replace Worldcom/UUNet connectivity in an effort to maintain the best reliability and stability possible.
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