Network Status and Traffic Usage Graphs

Business to Business Internet Access
Private line, Frame Relay, ADSL

Bandwidth utilization graphs available 24x7
Free NNTP news feed
Static IP address allocation based on customer needs, minimum block of 16.
Primary or Secondary DNS for any number of domains (setup fees apply)
Proactive circuit monitoring and response.
Free hosting for dedicated clients, some restrictions apply.

Private Line Communications Services (voice and data)
ATM switching provides Clear Channel circuit connectivity between our POPs.
Connect two private branch exchanges (PBX) with clear channel circuits from Open World.
Connet two or more facilities for voice and data communications with clear channel circuits between Open World POP cities.

Server Colocation
High performance, secure 24x7 access available, battery and generator backup, Contact us for more details. TOP

Website Hosting With iTools
Contact us for more details. TOP

Design and Project Management for Internet, LAN, and WAN Solutions

Design of connectivity solutions ranging from single office LAN+Internet to multiple location voice, data, and Internet integrations.
Management of RFP process including any and all desired major carriers.
Management of provisioning process from circuit pricing and ordering to full service verification.
Security solutions integration and management. TOP

Other Services
Fully managed and supported Cisco solutions available on a yearly contract basis. Cisco support and integration of any kind.

UNIX systems administration, integration, and support. Support for SCO, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Linux, FreeBSD, and others.